With 290 g/m², made of Egyptian combed cotton and with an undyed ecru-wave and natural dyed weft, it is perfect for use from newborn to toddler size. Thanks to the high-quality yarns, this sling feels immediately as registered. The Jacquard design allows for effortless “slipping” while providing the perfect grip to ensure that the sling remains firm, secure and comfortable in position.

  • Egyptian combed cotton
  • 290 g/m²
  • Width ca. 0,7 m (washed)
  • Conical ending / straight with fringes
  • Jacquard – Double sided portable design
  • Ethically produced
  • Sewn with high quality and certified yarn from organic cotton
  • The cotton is hand-harvested to avoid defoliants and other chemicals commonly used in mechanized crops – for safety as well as sustainability.
  • Delivered in the loom status (unwashed) and must be washed before use.

Woven in the UK, designed and sewn by hand in Grafenort (Central Switzerland).

Gewicht n. a.
Grösse n. a.
Tragetuch Grössen

Grösse 7 – 530cm, Grösse 3 – 330 cm, Grösse 4 – 380 cm, Grösse 5 – 430 cm, Grösse 6 – 480 cm


Konische Enden, Mit Fransen, ca.10cm pro Kante


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